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Rules of the Road

Last Updated July 1, 2020 12:00 PM


Be Prepared

  • Review any special pickup and/or dropoff instructions for the ride

  • Set your navigation BEFORE you depart from the pickup location


Drive Carefully & Obey All Traffic Laws

  • Always keep your eyes on the road

  • Never talk or text on your mobile phone at any time during the ride

  • Pull over to a safe location if it is necessary

  • Avoid any situations that puts your passengers at risk

Do not allow any unapproved riders in the vehicle (only Boomerang passengers with a Boomerang profile may be on rides).


Do not drop a passenger off anywhere other than the pre-arranged destination.


Do not leave a drop-off destination until the passenger is safely inside and they wave to indicate that he or she is ready for you to leave.


Communicate pick-up and drop-offs promptly so parents have peace of mind.


Be Prompt

  • Please be ready a few minutes before your scheduled pick up time

Be Sensible: Only get in the car if:

  • Driver matches his or her photo and is wearing a Boomerang t-shirt 

  • Car matches the photo and you see the Boomerang decal.  

  • Your Driver must also share your Secret Code word.


Trust your instincts. If you feel unsafe, tell you Driver and parents right away.

Respect your Driver and fellow Riders:

  • Allow your Driver to strap you into your booster/seat

  • Stay strapped in during the ride

  • No yelling, rough-housing, or other behavior that may distract the Driver

  • Don’t insult, bully, or harass anybody in the car

  • Keep your hands to yourself and be nice to everyone

  • Allow your Driver to unbuckle you and/or help you out of the vehicle

  • When you get to your destination, go directly to where you’re supposed to be.

Report Concerns

If you feel like your Driver drove in an unsafe manner and/or acted inappropriately, or if other Riders didn’t comply with Boomerang guidelines, please tell your parents and let us know. We want everybody to have an enjoyable and safe ride, and your opinion matters. Contact us at (605) 777-4766 so that we can continue to improve.

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