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We Take Safety


So You Don't

Have to Worry

Driver Certification Includes:

  • DMV record checks

  • Background checks

  • And more

We Are Centered Around Peace of Mind

This means that safety is at the core of everything we do, enforced by a Zero Tolerance Policy. We ensure the safety of your child by using the following process:


View the complete profile of a child's driver via the Boomerang app, including photos of the driver and their car. You can also share the profile with your child and key people like teachers and coaches.


Driver Profile




Drivers wear a bright green t-shirt, have a Boomerang decal on their vehicle and confirm your child's code word and birth date at each pick-up.

Multi-Factor Ride




Boomerang drivers ensure that kids are picked up and handed off safely and according to your instructions, such as signing them in and out of schools or facilities.

Safe Hand-Off



You can count on us! I can be reached anytime via phone or email. You're 

never alone.

Hands-On Owner

Innovative Ride-Sharing Technology

Boomerang brings transformative technology to your child's transportation services.

simplicity icon
Real-Time Tracking & Live Notifications

You will receive alerts every step of the way - when your Driver is on the way, and when each rider has been picked up and dropped off. The Boomerang App allows you to track rides in a map view from start to finish.

safe driving monitoring
Safe Driving Monitoring

Drivers are monitored in real-time for key risk factors such as brake force, quick acceleration, speed, hard turns and phone use.

Our 15 Point Driver Certification Checklist


At least 5 years of child caregiving experience.


No criminal record at the county, state, and federal levels everywhere the driver has lived in the last 7 years.


No sex offender record.


Child Abuse and Neglect scan


Adopts Zero Tolerance Policy for smoking, drugs and alcohol use while driving as well as illegal mobile device usage while a rider is in the car.


Age 21 or older.


Valid in-state drivers license - we confirm drivers are who they say they are.


Good driving record - at time of application and monitor on an ongoing basis

  • If age 21 or 22, the driver must have 3 or more years of unrestricted driving history and no infractions on their Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)

  • If 23 or older, the driver must have a driver's license for 1 or more years and meet/exceed our stringent MVR qualifications


Owns or leases a vehicle no more than 10 years old seating 4-7 passengers.


Passes a 25-point vehicle inspection by a certified mechanic.


Provides proof of personal auto insurance coverage that meets/exceeds state required limits


Completes in-person interview with a member of our team; provides references if requested.


Completes in-person driver orientation.


Watches safety education videos on How to Detect Child Abuse, CPR administration and How to Manage Children While Driving; pass multiple quizzes and ensure they are ready for anything the road could throw at them.


Adopts all Boomerang rules.

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